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Our team spirit is formed by enthusiasts, who actively participate on various research and open-source projects internationally. Headquarters and the main office is in Baar, Switzerland. Second part of the development team is located in Brno, Czech republic. The company is privately held expanding continually with new contracts and a growing range of products.


Klokan Technologies GmbH was founded in 2010 as a result of almost 10 years of freelance activities of its managing director, Petr Pridal, in the field of online mapping technologies. As an active participant of conferences worldwide, Petr established a network of partners and customers, who share our beliefs in importance of widely accessible culture heritage and maps.



Mgr. Petr Pridal, Ph.D. - CEO, Software Architect Linkedin

Petr Pridal gained his Ph.D. in the field of cartography and geodesy and the master degree in computer science. He is a consultant, researcher, programmer and entrepreneur. Within last years he participated on several international research projects, and developed popular software (MapTiler, Georeferencer, MapRank, Gdal2Tiles,,..)

Mgr. Petr Sloup - Software Engineer, Front‑end & Mobile Linkedin

Petr Sloup has master degree computer science, graduated with excellence and specialise on front-end Google Closure Tools for JavaScript development, GPU accelerated programming, C#, C++, Java, OpenGL, web technologies such as WebGL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Mgr. Vaclav Klusak - Software Engineer, Backend Developer

Vaclav Klusak works as a developer and software engineer. He is specialised on high-performance geospatial applications and cloud development. His analytical expertise is backed by knowledge of several programming languages (C/C++/Python/Java). In the past he participated on Google Summer of Code project in geospatial domain. Vaclav has a master's degree in computer science.

Mgr. Dalibor Janak - Geospatial Web Developer Linkedin

Dalibor is a universal soldier of Klokan Technologies. As originally non-IT, he has an ability to jump between the jobs and works as a connection link between designer and the website. Dalibor has master’s degree in GIS and his passion is speleology and climbing.

Ing. Oldrich Vykydal - System Administrator

Oldrich is a system administrator and takes care of our servers. With his calm character, he is the right person to keep the cold head on tricky issues. Oldrich has master’s degree in engineering informatics and security technologies. His free time is dedicated to his wife Jana and their lovely son.

Ing. Martin Mikita - Software Engineer

Martin is a developer of desktop applications and his daily routine is to connect software functionality with graphical user interface. After debugging - the most lovely job of every IT he relaxes playing desk games with his friends or reading sci-fi books. Martin has master’s degree in informatics.

Mgr. Jana Vykydalova - Communication, Project manager

Our action element Jana takes care of communication with clients and progress of projects. As a great mom and manager, she is capable of keeping excellent order in multiple processes. When you get in touch with us, her “Best regards” will very probably appear on the bottom of the first reply. Jana has master degree in social studies.

Ing. Hynek Pridal, Ms.C. - Marketing, Consultant

Hynek takes care of communication and translations from IT to the human language. His responsibility are the processes in the company and content of websites. In his free time, you will probably meet him on the road driving a scooter or a motorbike. Hynek has master’s degree in business and finance.

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