MapTiler Platform

Turn images into interactive map layers that can be displayed in websites, used in mobile phones, tablets, GPS devices, map mashups or opened in the desktop GIS software, Google Maps or Google Earth. A step-by-step interface will smoothly get you through.

KlokanTech IIIFServer (IIPImage JPEG2000)

Image Server for zooming of high-resolution images on the web with IIIF protocol (, powered by IIPImage and Kakadu JPEG2000.

Online Services


Turn scans into maps - an online tool that assigns precise geographical location to an image. Via crowdsourcing, invite anybody to help you with locating of digital map collections.


Discovering the cartography of the past. The easy-to-use gateway to over 400.000 historical maps in libraries around the world. OldMapsOnline developed out of a love of history and heritage of old maps.


Lightning fast hosting for large images. Quick and effortless service built with support of IIIF protocol, a proven solution for the hosting of large imagery.


High-speed hosting for your maps. Hosting service for fast web 2.0 interactive online map tiles in MBTiles format.

MapRank Search

Technology to explore thousands of maps in time. Choose a place, select the time range, search and get the most relevant results immediately.

Mobile Apps

OldMapsOnline Mobile

Use your iPhone, iPad or any Android device to view over 250,000 historical maps from the 15th to the 20th century. The Old Maps mobile app can display the relevant maps according to the places of interest to you.

GeoEditor for MapTiler

See your GPS position on your own maps. Draw points, polygons and lines on the maps. Collect field data and notes related to a location, attach a photo and fill custom attributes. Display offline maps generated by MapTiler.

Open Source


Create beautiful and fast maps for web and mobile applications with free downloadable vector tiles from OpenStreetMap. Design your own map, serve the vector tiles from your own infrastructure or use it completely offline.

A tool for anybody, who needs to know exact latitude and longitude values for numerical coordinates in different spatial reference systems.

WebGL Earth

WebGL Earth is an open-source virtual globe made with HTML5 and Canvas WebGL technology. It comes with a JavaScript API adapting the popular LeafletJS API.


Map hosting software for vector tiles, able to rasterize on server side. The same map style (JSON GL) served to web (MapBox GL JS), mobile apps (Android/iOS), and rendered on server into traditional mapping services (raster tiles, WMTS, Static Maps API) using MapBox GL Native.


Distributes maps to desktop, web, and mobile applications from a standard Apache+PHP web hosting. Free and open-source project implementing OGC WMTS standard for pre-rendered map tiles made with MapTiler, GDAL2Tiles, or available as MBTiles files.


Description: IIIF WebGL / Canvas / DOM mobile-ready fast viewer powered by OpenLayers V3 is optimized for desktop and mobile devices (iOS, Android), is open-source and free to use.

OpenLayers development

Our developers have done many contributions to the OpenLayers library, including Raster reprojection and support for UTFGrid interaction. We are also one of the initial developers of the OL3-Cesium library for 2D and 3D synchronization between OpenLayers and Cesium. Contact us if you have any feature you would like to see in OpenLayers!