MapTiler Cluster

MapTiler Pro (former MapTiler Cluster) is a software for automated tile pre-rendering, which allows efficient and fast paralellized rendering of your raster geodata into map tiles suitable for Google Maps API mashups, native mobile applications (iPhone/iPad/Android) with Apple MapKit, RouteMe or OSMDroid.

It automatically produces large seamless maps from several input files and directly optimize the produced tiles (up to 70% smaller). The produced PNG/JPEG tiles are heavily optimized for minimal filesize which allows extremely fast distribution of maps from any ordinary webserver or from a cloud CDN (Rackspace Cloud Files, Amazon S3/CloudFront, Google Cloud Storage). Such interactive maps appear instantly, which is ideal in use cases such as aviation maps, nautical charts or large base maps.

MapTiler Pro is 3-4x faster in rendering then the GDAL2Tiles on a single core - and the speed almost multiplies with every CPU core you add. The whole utility has been completely reimplemented in C/C++ and supports multi-core rendering and utilize clever data caching.

An example to demonstrate it’s power: Rendering of map (51025x73135 pixels) with raster reprojection on a standard computer with 16 cores against GDAL2Tiles:

MapTiler Cluster 50x faster then GDAL2Tiles with half of the size tiles!

The software is distributed as binary under a commercial license starting at 2750 CHF (Swiss Franks) for 4U version. Multilicense or a cluster version using MPI standard is available as well. To experience advantages of MapTiler Pro...

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Technical features:

  • Supported operating systems: Linux/UNIX, Windows, Mac OS X
  • Excellent visual quality: techniques such as antialiasing, color corrections and sharpening during the post-processing of map tiles
  • Precise location of the geodata: even "over-zoomed" input data are correctly located (excellent for coverage maps, for example)
  • High-quality optimization of tiles (using the smallest PNGs/JPEGs tiles) - to speed up the delivery of maps and to save the disk space
  • Rendered geodata are suitable for use in Google Maps mashups, mobile applications and interactive web presentations
  • It is possible to merge several input raster files and produce a large seamless map directly as a result of the fully automated tile rendering process
  • The system supports wide variety of coordinate systems and map projections as defined in EPSG database
  • Our customers are allowed to use this software for their commercial or non-commercial projects same as GDAL2Tiles utility.
JS MAPS API: Google Qualified Developer As Google Qualified Developer with years of experience in the field of geodata tile publishing on Google Maps, Google Earth, OpenLayers and mobile devices (Apple iPhone, iPad or Google Android platform) we provide consulting and development services for transformation of coordinate systems, map projections, georeferencing and other technical issues related to online mapping and publishing of the raster geodata. Please contact us for more details.

Application samples:

Maptiler - screenshots